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Firmware update Empty Firmware update

Message  rogergoold le Mar 10 Avr 2012 - 9:59

HI, I am new to this, I have an LG MS408D, I believe that the firmware updates Harmony packs work with it.
Can any one tell me , DO I need to have updated each Harmony pack to my LG machine, or can I just update the latest Harmony/Custom pack ?
Will the latest Harmony include all the features from earlier updates.
Roger Question


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Firmware update Empty Re: Firmware update

Message  Youpla le Mar 10 Avr 2012 - 13:14

Hi Roger,

I'm not using the Harmony pack and I don't know the MS408D, but I'm quite sure you can install the last relase directly.
No need to install older versions first.



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