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Message  Elec_Monk le Dim 3 Juin 2012 - 4:35

Hello everyone. Firstly, please excuse me if I am asking a question that is already answered - I only speak English and even with Google Translate I am having a had time finding my way through the topics (and the search doesn't translate my English queries).
It would be very useful if there was a sticky note in the top group that listed:
  • Name of the latest stable Harmony release firmware
    Name of the latest stable custom module
    Name of the latest experimental Harmony release
    Name of the latest experimental custom module
    Name of the latest official LG firmware

...including release notes, known bugs and a description with each of them, plus links on where to find them.

As an English speaking newbie, I have found it very difficult to learn how to upgrade my unit. This kind of sticky note would make it much easier.

Thank you very much to all the developers putting their time into improving this product.



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