Problems with LG BR625T

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Problems with LG BR625T

Message  rogergoold le Jeu 22 Mai 2014 - 1:42

I know this is a forum for the LG MS400 /MS409 media stations, but I need your help.

I have an LG BR625t,...Unfortunately. I should have learnt my lesson having had an LG MS408d, but I though LG would have picked up their game after such an appalling machine. Seems I was wrong, any way
I have this unit, and am looking for Firmware mods or updates, to resolve some of the issues it has.

I have been to the LG australia site, and downloaded the only update, and it seems to have settled some issues sort of, but not very well.
Issues like the EPG,
When you scoll down to view what is on the channels, it changes the station to the channel you are looking at on EPG, slowing every thing down while you scroll. (Just as well Australia has so few Digital channels, or it would take all night)

The USB sometimes recognises that there is a hard drive attached, and then it dosnt.

I cant copy things from the USB hard drive to the internal Hard drive and visa versa, unless I register the hard drive with the unit, which then makes the hard drive unreadable by anything else, including the PC, which means I cant then copy stuff to the drive from the computer, to copy to the unit..sort of self defeating really.
I would like to be able to copy things via the network to the unit, but it dosnt seem to register as a networked device, just as a device in windows media player, which sometimes lets me play content from the unit on the computer, but not the other way around.

It is slow to change channels, and if you are flicking channels, example, you may have pressed from 7 to 10, but it stops at 9 for a few seconds before moving to 10, and it is slow to change channel anyway. The Firmware update recently done has sped things up marginally, but not by much..

Theses are just a few issues with the unit, there are more.
You set up a recording via Time record, and sometimes it dose record, and sometimes it wont.

I mentioned the LG MS408 unit I used to have, it had lots of issues, but some people in Europe took matters into their own hands, and rewrote the firmware, with loads of updates, and support, which LG dosnt supply, and the Machine was greatly improved. They wrote their updates for the European machine lg450, different model no, but it all still worked well here in Australia.
Dose any one know of such a thing happening for the BR625T, or the European equivalent, what ever that is.

It Has Blu Ray recorder / 500 Gig hard drive twin tuners, Lan, usb

Twin HD Tuner (Simultaneously Record), but cant play back a recording when both tuners are recording

Record contents via AV Input, (but not at 16:9)

Key Features

BD/DVD Disc playback and recording 500GB Hard Drive HD Audio formats USB, HDMI, AV, LAN
Sorry for this wordy cry for help, Cheers


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Re: Problems with LG BR625T

Message  Jacky67 le Jeu 22 Mai 2014 - 13:42


Your BR625T looks very similar to my HR935D except that HR935D is BD player and not BD recorder.
They seem to have the same problem : it is very very slow !... Sad

As I understand, your question is to find an ""alternate"/"un-official" firmware.
Unfortunately, I don't know where you can find it. Sorry.

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